Why not the high street?

When I was in the Sixth Form and at University I worked for a high street clothing brand.  As a consequence, virtually my entire wardrobe became full of their clothes.  Even if I had never bought anything I personally liked, every quarter we had to purchase new uniform – two pairs of bottoms and four tops, in the colour scheme of the manager’s choosing.  After a few months I got sick of seeing the same garments, and of seeing people when I went out wearing items I’d spent the day re-hanging and re-folding for the umpteenth time that day.

It was in the last few months of uni that I started wearing scarves practically all the time – they were a good way to add a bit of interest and unique-ness to an otherwise bland outfit, and they helped me to regulate my temperature a little better.  (I get cold a lot!)

Once I left retail and got a Proper Job – otherwise known as a Monday to Friday 9-5 – I floundered in a fashion wasteland.  My office was neither full-on office professional, nor full-on casual, and I struggled to find something I was comfortable in.

This was when I started paying more attention to charity shops, vintage shops and finding odd second hand items to complete or enhance an outfit.  Doing this has reinvigorated my love of fashion – the reason I went to work for a clothes shop in the first place.  It’s also made me enjoy going shopping again – something which in this online age we seem less likely to do.

Now I find that I buy basics – by which I mean skinny jeans, long sleeve tops and vest tops – from places like Primark, Dorothy Perkins and New Look, and then get accessories, shirts, dresses, skirts and tops from other places.  It’s all in the styling of these other items to pull the look together.  I’m hoping in future posts to show how I style some of my newest finds, as well as pulling together quick guides to make shopping off the high-street a little easier (as it can be daunting!).

Where does everyone else shop?  Any brands I should check out?  Let me know in the comments.


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