DIY: snazzy sportswear

I go to a gym class three times a week, every week, so I am now the proud owner of a lot of sportswear.  I find that at this time of the year, vest tops (the sports shop top staple) are a little too chilly, so I decided to fashion my own loud, lurid t-shirts.

Last Saturday I popped into Primark in Nottingham to buy a plain navy t-shirt and a plain white t-shirt, for a whopping £2 each.  They are both 100% cotton, meaning they should be quite receptive to both dye and bleach.

Yesterday I made my creations, ready for cardio tonight.

With the navy t-shirt, I dampened the t-shirt, then made up a quite bleach-heavy solution with water in an old spray bottle.  I sprayed a bit on, and then tipped a bit out and then waited.  I did this on both sides, flipping it over and then leaving it flat.  (I did this in the shower tray, as I figured it didn’t matter if bleach was sprayed around in there.)  You start to see the pattern emerge after a few minutes, so it’s just a case of waiting for the desired effect to appear.  Once I was happy with the level of bleaching, I dunked the whole thing into a bucket of warm water and rinsed it thoroughly.  I then hand washed it to make sure that all excess dye and bleach was out, and chucked it into the washing machine.  Results in the picture below!

With the white t-shirt, I dampened it, then twisted it up together and tied bands of string around it.  Then I made up a packet of Dylon hand dye as per the packet, in the colour Rainforest Green, then popped one end of my twisted up t-shirt in.  It needed to be in the solution for an hour, so I just kept moving more of it in, to get a dip dye effect.  The whole t-shirt was submerged in the end for only about 10 minutes.  Then I heaved it out, being sure to wear rubber gloves, and rinsed it out.  Once there was less green water coming out, I snipped all the string out and rinsed it again.  I then chucked it into the washing machine.

(FYI, I ran both t-shirts with my bath towels in my washing machine, usual cotton cycle at 30 degrees – nothing ended up dyed a different colour.)

I’m pretty excited to wear one of these tonight!  What do you think?


The finished results…



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