DIY: removing shoulder pads

Shoulder pads are something usually best left in the 80’s.  Removing the shoulder pads gives an instant update to the garments silhouette, as well as being incredibly simple to do.

Of course, some items may look better with the shoulder pads in!  I have left them in many of my vintage dresses and some of my shirts as they work well with the style of the item.

I found this great floral playsuit at a weigh and pay sale which gave me the craziest, squarest shoulders ever.  I wanted it to look a little less structured, therefore they had to come out.

Below are the before and after shots of each shoulder, the picture on the bottom right has the shoulder pad still in, and the top picture has no shoulder pad.  To remove them, simply turn the item inside out, take a seam ripper (a seriously useful item to have in your repair kit arsenal), and carefully unstitch the shoulder pad where it is attached to the shoulder seam.  Often they aren’t attached all the way across, just at a few places (in this case it was just in two places), so it’s a quick job to do!


Hopefully this quick post gives you confidence that it’s simple and risk free to do this at home yourself.  Happy seam ripping!


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