Newest finds: Nottingham vintage weigh and pay

At the end of January I headed to the weigh and pay kilo sale at Nottingham Trent University’s student union.  It was a chilly Sunday morning, and I dragged my slightly hungover, very less-than-impressed boyfriend along.

I adhered to most of my guidelines, however, I didn’t actually try anything on this time, as I didn’t find a huge number of items, and given how successfully my dress-into-a-skirt experiment panned out, I was confident that I would be able to cope with any sizing mistakes.

I bought six items in total, for the princely sum of £30 – so exactly two kilos of goodies.

I haven’t managed to get pictures of two items – one is a Green Bay Packers varsity team t-shirt, which I’ve been wearing to cardio along with my tie-dye and bleach spatter creations (you can read about them here).  The other item is sat in my mend-then-wash pile; it’s a navy chunky knitted cardi, with four buttons and low fastening.  I normally don’t touch second hand knits with a ten foot pole, but this was an exception.

The four other items I purchased were dresses, although one I have lent to my sister-in-law, and when it is returned I may make into a skirt.  The other three are absolute winners though!

Poppy print with pleated skirt

First up is my favourite, and my colleague’s favourite too – a red floral print on bright blue background, with a pleated skirt.  The top is somewhat boxy, as per the 80’s standard, but it looked cute with a cable knit jumper over the top and the large pewter button on show.

Oversized navy stripes

The second one is the striped dress, which is very low cut, but looks cool over a skinny long sleeve, with a patent belt.  I’ll need to add a press stud to prevent gaping across the bust, but that’s no big deal.

To be converted into a skirt

The third dress is the one I’ll likely make into a skirt as the top half is just enormous.  What you can’t tell from the picture is that it buttons all the way through.

Royal blue with grid print maxi

The final dress is maxi length in royal blue, with a grid woven through the fabric.  It even came with it’s original wide gold belt (which has seen better days) but will look brilliant with flat sandals in the summer.

A successful trip, I’d say – what do you think?


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