Outfit inspiration: London vintage dress

Last Easter I was using up holiday at work and went to London for a few days with my boyfriend.  We took at trip to Brick Lane and had a nosy around the vintage shops.  I found this great dress in Rockit which was pleasingly in the sale (although still rather expensive I must say!).

The dress probably needs to have the ruching in the back of the waist resown with new elastic, but I’m not quite that brave, so I wear this plaited elastic belt with patent buckle detail at the front.

The dress has batwing sleeves, a fitted waist and an A-line skirt.  The whole dress buttons up with small black buttons.  It’s midi-length, which makes it super flattering.

In the summer and early autumn, while on a camping holiday, I wore this dress a lot, as it is light and floaty which kept me cool, but has a lot of bright colours on the black background, which makes it rather cheerful.  It also doesn’t show creases, making it a great dress to pack for a camping trip!

If it gets chilly I throw on a denim jacket or plain cardi; I recently bought a raspberry coloured cardi in Primark which I think will go brilliantly with this dress.


Outfit details:

  • Dress – vintage
  • Belt – H&M
  • Bangles and necklace – Primark

Hopefully the weather will improve now that we’re into March and I’ll be able to wear this outfit soon!


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